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Cylinder Head for Arabic Sail

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Cylinder Head for Sail - Made in Copper

Measures: 10 x 10 x 15 cm.

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Height 15 cm
Width 10 cm
Depth 10 cm

Moroccan craftsmanship dates back to the Neolithic period. Throughout this period, the people of the North and East were rooted in the platarón zone the bases of authentic Moroccan art. This art has its roots in the diversity and creativity of the different cultures that live in the region.


Nowadays, the Moroccan people face the economic necessity, it must be exported, adapted, modernized and for that reason, the craftsmen combine with fine tradition and modernity. More than 70 jobs depend on the exports of handicrafts. Many families depend on these jobs and in fact, a large part of the people would live in poverty without these exports. From earth to metal, from the production of Argan oil to the work of wood, from the art of carpet to the work of leather, Morocco will not cease producing extraordinary works of art.


Let yourself be carried away in the magical world of Moroccan art by testing one of these iron lanterns. Perforated with small and elegant motifs, it will discreetly give an incredible oriental atmosphere maintaining an atmosphere on and quiet.


* Measures are approximate

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