Lamp genre Aladdin hand painted bronze


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Bronze Aladdin Genius Lamp

hand painted


Height: 6 cm

Length: 12 cm

Width: 6 cm

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Height 6 cm
Width 6 cm
Lenght 12 cm

The genius of Aladdin was not born in the Walt Disney tales, it is much older than this.

It is said that a very rich woman named Qamar had long written, the story of Aladdin and Jasmine.

In his time, talk of magic, and especially of black magic was very frowned upon. Quickly, people treat the witch-crazy woman.

However, she said that Aladdin's story had never been invented. She told everyone that she existed and that she wrote in her book a story she herself had lived through.

One day they met with Qamar in elegant dresses, lying on the town square. He had died and had a letter in his purse.

When the people of the village read the letter, they all began to cry, and they understood that Qamar had a lover. And when she found the flashlight, she asked as a wish, wealth instead of love. Everyone now understands why they were saddened all their lives.

They could read black and white: "Forgive me, I did not do the good deo, I will never stop loving you" and they found in the same bag a bronze lamp.

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