Henna (Henna) Natural - Sahara Arabic Tazarine


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Henna (Henna) natural Tazarine

Hair dye and for tattoos

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The henna or argana 1 (from the al. Hisna alḥínna, and this one from the Arabic الحناء al-ḥinnā') or henna or jena is a natural dye of reddish color that is used for the hair and that is also used in a technique of coloration of the skin called mehandi. It is made with the dry leaf and petiole of Lawsonia alba Lam. (Lawsonia inermis L.). This dye is commonly used in India, Pakistan, Iran, Yemen, the Middle East and North Africa. Mehandi patterns are quite complex and in some cultures are used as a bridal ornament. In the West it has been used, although not in an extended way, since the 70s.

To prepare the henna paste, the leaves are crushed to a greenish-brownish powder and mixed with essential oils and lemon juice that release the dye from the leaves and sugar to give consistency. When applied to the skin the dye becomes pale orange and with the course of the hours it gets darkening until it reaches a reddish brown. In some countries, especially in India, henna paste is sold in ready-to-use cones. Henna penetrates only the dead cells of the stratum corneum cutaneous, the duration of the dye varies depending on the thickness of the skin, but it is only days.

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