Moroccan Magic Lipstick - Moisturizing - Argan and Arabic Henna


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Lipstick fashion! With just a single application it turns your lips into a pink, clear or intense tone, depending on the color of your skin and the temperature of your dermis.

Very moisturizing, due to its composition by Argan Oil and Henna.

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The main advantage of using this magical Moroccan lipstick is that with just one application you get the tone most suitable for your skin type. Many times we overdo the color of the lips, wanting to make up too much and others, instead, we fell short with lip makeup. With this lipstick you will hit with the tone of your lips to perfection You will not pass, nor will you be short!

But this is not its only feature, this lip is long lasting and water resistant, so its color remains unchanged throughout the day, even, it is difficult to remove it, unless specific facial cleansers are used be very effective with waterproof makeup.

For all those interested, this magic lipstick is one of the most typical and best-selling in the Arab countries

In addition, you can currently find this Moroccan lipstick in a wide variety of shades and formats to achieve the desired lip color. Each lipstick has the goal of achieving a certain tone, although, as you know, then comes the temperature of each person's lips.

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